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George Andrews founded Andrews Tool Co in 1977 with a forward-thinking, problem-
solving mentality and coined the company motto “Our Next Design Is Your
Requirement”. Together with trusted machinist and engineer Robert “Bob” Sander, he
led the company with that overriding sense of purpose until his passing. In 2018, the
Kanthack family purchased Andrews Tool Co (ATC) from the Andrews family and in
2021 relocated the company from Arlington, TX to nearby Fort Worth, TX and changed
the name to Andrews Aerospace to reflect the company’s expanded potential.

Andrews Aerospace’s goal is to provide airframe manufacturers with ergonomic,
reliable, high precision, portable power feed and positive feed drill motors that limit
injury and decrease manufacturing costs.

ATC’s extensive lightweight and durable product line includes both air power feed drill
and positive feed drill designs in pneumatic and electric enhanced Automated Drilling
Unit (eADU®) configurations.  ATC’s tools are used across various aerospace programs
in surface preparation, spot facing, countersinking, and drilling in various material types
and mixed material stacks.  ATC drilling units are designed to drill close tolerance holes
quickly and efficiently within specification the first time, reducing and eliminating non-
conforming holes and extremely costly rework, thus lowering the cost per hole.

Andrews Aerospace remains committed to carry forward and expand upon a 40 plus year
customer centric, solution-based legacy by designing, delivering, and supporting the
capabilities to transport, defend and explore.

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