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Andrews Aerospace’s Pneumatic enhanced Automated Drilling Unit (sometimes referred to as enhanced Advanced Drilling Unit, ADU) is an innovative and modular unit well suited to drilling and countersinking applications in a variety of materials and mixed stacks of materials.


  • Drill and ream with countersink:

    • 1000 W – d ≤12.7 mm (1/2’’)​

  • Materials (all stacks):​

    • Aluminium​

    • Carbon

    • Titanium

    • Steel


  • Pneumatic motor

  • Mechanical feed


  • Concentric Collet from 90 - 560 lb

  • Quarter Turn

  • C clamping

  • Offset crowfoot

  • DASA

Pneumatic Photo web.png


  • High performance

    • Embedded electrovalve control​

  • Controlled process​

    • Cycle counter

  • Sustainable design​

    • Through spindle coolant​

    • Quick equipment and tool change

    • Easy maintenance

    • Universal head design faciliates upgrade to electric technology

Images, descriptions and technical data are for descriptive purposes only, and may be subject to change.

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