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Andrews Aerospace launches Raven (eADU) enhanced Automated Drilling Unit Line

Jun 19, 2023

Fort Worth, TX - Andrews Aerospace is proud to announce its new line of Industry 4.0 Tools

with the launch of the Raven enhanced Automated Drilling Unit (eADU) Line. The initial launch

includes a pneumatic model, the Raven Aether (RA-1) and an electric model, Raven Elektro (RE-

1). “This launch is the culmination of several years of research and development and the

continuation of the intellectual property we acquired from Fives Group. The Raven symbolizes

intelligence, adaptability, partnerships, guidance, transformation, and prophecy. These are all

desirable and relevant characteristics in the Aerospace industry,” said Sol Kanthack, Andrews

Aerospace President.

In ancient Greek legends, Aether was the personification of the purest, finest air of the upper

atmosphere that could only be breathed by the Olympian gods and goddesses. Elektro is Greek

for Electro meaning electrical or electricity.

The Raven line is designed with embedded Industry 4.0 solutions such as firmware and

software controls on the Aether and software and networkability on the Elektro model. “We

believe the ability to program drilling recipes and to monitor and record real time data is

increasingly important to drilling in the complex material stacks utilized to manufacture the

next generation of airframes,” said Doyle Phillips, Andrews Aerospace Lead Mechanical

Engineer. “The Raven line being the only one designed, assembled and supported in the U.S. is

a big advantage for Andrews at a time when airframe manufacturing is ramping up across the

commercial, defense and space sectors,” said Frank Walker, Andrews Aerospace Sales and


The new line is available immediately for demonstration and purchase. Visit or for more information.

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