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Andrews Tool Co positions for future growth, rebrands as Andrews Aerospace and relocates
to Fort Worth, TX

Sep 1, 2021

Fort Worth, Texas - Andrews Tool Company (ATC) is officially rebranding as Andrews

Aerospace. The new name better positions the company for its broader aerospace focus

beyond just tools and pays homage to the company’s original founder George Andrews. In a

related move, Andrews Aerospace will relocate from its Arlington location to a newly purchased

and remodeled facility with room for growth and expansion in Fort Worth, TX. Andrews

Aerospace’s new address is 3133 S. Grove St Fort Worth, TX 76110.

“Our new location in Fort Worth provides improved proximity to some of our key customers

such as Lockheed Martin and Bell Helicopter as well as a centralized location in North Texas

close to major infrastructure with nearly four times the space for expanding our design, testing,

and manufacturing operations. We also feel the name Andrews Aerospace better reflects a

broader position in the marketplace as we expand,” said Sol Kanthack, Andrews Aerospace


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